Age UK calls for action to connect 6 mln over-55 to net.

The charity Age UK is calling on net-savvy friends and relatives to help the older generation take their first steps in the digital world. A campaign is urging the six million older people in the UK who have never been online to get connected as a way to help stave off loneliness.

A survey suggests that less than half of the UK’s over-55s use the internet. By contrast, 58% of older citizens in Norway and Luxembourg are online. The statistics, collated by Eurostat, show that 43% of UK citizens aged 55-74 are web users. The average across Europe is 28%.

Age UK is running a campaign to get people with internet skills to pass on their knowledge to older friends, relatives or neighbours.

Nearly one million older people are often lonely, and over half (five million) say that they consider the TV as their main form of company, according to the charity.


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