Selling your mobile? First wipe off your sensitive data!

Sensitive data in our mobiles.

sensitive data on mobiles

Every year the mobile phone owners are upgrading to new phones and sometimes they resell the old devices, most often giving them to friends and family. However, people don’t take precaustions of deleting their personal data from their phones. No, it is not about texts left on the old mobile. Not at all !

A study conducted on old mobile phones by CPP (identify protection), revealed that half of second hand mobiles carry the sensitive information about its previous owners. Bank account details, credit card numbers and social networking login details were all found during spot checks of secondhand phones.

It is not enough just delete manually the information from the mobile, but other tips were offered like:protect your mobile
– destroying a sim card,
– restoring factory settings,
– deleting back-ups and
– logging out of social networking sites;

More generally, people should use a variety of different passwords and check bank statements regularly for suspicious transactions, says BBC.


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