Cloud Music Player?

Cloud communication for our music?

The cloud communication is encompassing all areas of our casual and business activities. Now, Amazon has launched an online music service that lets users upload songs and play them from a range of devices. US market is the first one to take advantage of free 5GB storage space (if one needs more, they can pay, obviously), which could store about 1,200 tracks for customers who don’t want to keep uploading their music to phones, work PC or any other device. We will keep you informed when it will come to UK and Europe.

Cloud Player works with Blackberry, Palm and Android mobiles, although there is no support for Apple’s iOS. Apple is rumoured to be developing something similar. And Google, which already offers cloud services in the form of Gmail and Google Documents, is also believed to be testing a music storage system, or “locker”.

Who else is on cloud?

Many business service providers offers hosted solutions, we just don’t know yet! For example, the Fax to Email service with hosted platform that can store faxes up to one year for free, no matter what the size and amount of the documents are stored. Its other service, virtual switchboard, a call rediversion system, also stores all your settings and greeting messages on the cloud without a need of entering the data to the physical phones. In the next article, we will write about the cloud communication that we actually use in our everyday lives.

See how it works here:

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