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Mobile number transfers in 1 day!

Ofcom, an independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, has introduced new rule to make mobile phone consumers happier. Ofcom’s has introduced new rule, now anyone in UK can transfer their existing mobile numbers to a new … Continue reading

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UK Online fax review

This short article is going to look at the review of one provider of the online faxing service. Sometimes people buy services thinking that they are cheap, but in fact they turn out to be quite expenssive in he end. … Continue reading

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How mobile commerce can increase small business sales?

SME, get there before everybody else gets! With the increase smartphones and iPads purchases, equally the habit of its owners in mobile shopping increases! This is a right time when small businesses ought to take advantage and put their products and services … Continue reading

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Royal Wedding live streamed on YouTube!

Royal Wedding and biggest push for social media interactions! Yes, 29th of April will mark not only the beautiful and long waited royal wedding of Kate and Willaim, but also the day the social media would reborn! The reason is … Continue reading

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“Trojan Horse” virus to infiltrate Skype Calls

The greatest fear that most internet users have is about the dreaded computer viruses. The high-tech viruses that have the ability to spy on the users every move by logging every keystroke they type. Today, hackers and potentially law enforcement … Continue reading

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Tesco Calling Cards Enter the International Phone Call Market

Tesco has announced its intention to enter the international phone call market with the launch of their global calling cards which offer their customers low-cost calls to over 60 countries. Home phone users currently have the choice between two main … Continue reading

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Release of reserved short domains in UK, as .uk

Nominet, a domain registry for .uk, that manages already over nine million domain names in UK, is to make thousands of short .uk web addresses available for £10 each in a “land rush” next month. 2,640 previously reserved one- and … Continue reading

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