Vodafone New Pricing for Roaming Services

Vodafone for AxiatelVodafone smartphone sales in Europe are expected to grow from 32% to 70% by 2013 due to the introduction of a roaming service. Vodafone Chief Executive Officer Vittorio Colao declared, “This is the year of the smartphone and we want our 35 million European data users to feel free to use their devices in Europe in the same way as they do at home.”

Roaming expenses are becoming a considerable concern for many individuals and corporations. Although several carriers have already reduced their roaming rates, in most cases, data roaming is still extremely expensive. This year, the European Union introduced regulations which force carriers to reduce roaming fees and to alert the user when they are exceeding a certain limit. As a result of these new regulations, certain carriers have started special promotions that offer competitive prices for consumers despite them being in different countries.

Vodafone recently announced their new pricing for smartphone roaming services in Europe. Evidently as the Apple iPhone and Blackberry have become household names, this new pricing scheme will apply to the greater public.

The new scheme consists of providing daily and monthly rates for customers, both consumer and business, that use their smartphones abroad. Customers will pay an additional fee of €2/day to their plan. Frequent travelers will be able to set up a plan with their domestic package that will include the roaming service.

In Europe, Vodafone operates several countries such as the U.K., Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. The new plans will target the bigger markets during November and December.


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