Release of reserved short domains in UK, as .uk

NominetNominet, a domain registry for .uk, that manages already over nine million domain names in UK, is to make thousands of short .uk web addresses available for £10 each in a “land rush” next month.

2,640 previously reserved one- and two-character,, and domain names will be released starting on 23 May. Any single-letter and single-number addresses, such as,,,,, etc. will be made available. For example, Doctors could apply for

The full list can be downloaded, form this site here.

From 23 May to 15 June, interested parties can pay a £10 application fee to start a bid. Unwanted domains will be allocated 23 June on first come first served basis. An auction will begin on 20 July, where the earnings contribute to the charitable Nominet Trust.

Since 1996, it is impossible to register any domain names with less than 3 characters and it is a chance to do so. This of course will bring high competition for popular domains, as it is considered to be as a high-value assets.

short domainOne of such examples is B&Q that is now, and Yahoo! has added

If any of the 2,640 available domains are still unclaimed by 27 June, they will be released on a first-come, first-served basis via the usual channels. So, go one and find your ultimate website domain!

For more info, please visit Nominet official website.


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