How mobile commerce can increase small business sales?

SME, get there before everybody else gets!

m-commerceWith the increase smartphones and iPads purchases, equally the habit of its owners in mobile shopping increases! This is a right time when small businesses ought to take advantage and put their products and services in front of the mobile users and customers, doing businesses on the go!

According to SMB Group, the sales through mobile commerce is going quadruple by 2014 being 5 % higher than e-commerce sales. To put this trend into perspective, McCabe a partner in SMB Group, compared m-commerce today to e-commerce in 1990. Back then not many people believed that we will be buying products and services online. Mobile commerce will continue to grow in the same way.

m-commerceToday it is big businesses that took this opportunity, while only 50% of SME are thinking of creating mobile version of their website. Interestingly, many start ups are thinking to create the mobile version first before creating a traditional website. This says something about the trend and where small businesses should put their attention and efforts to.

With new cool gadgets and devices comes the new customer expectations of easiness and mobility. Please remember that m-commerce is not only about the gaining revenues, but keeping the clients and creating good customer experiences and service!

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