UK Online fax review

This short article is going to look at the review of one provider of the online faxing service. Sometimes people buy services thinking that they are cheap, but in fact they turn out to be quite expenssive in he end. This review brings transparant insight into the benefits that business telecom provider offers. So lets start with pros!

get rid of fax machinePros:

* Save 30% when you pay for a year in advance
* Unlimited fax reception
* No set up fees
* Excellent value
* 30-day free trial period
* Offers local fax numbers for all major cities in the United Kingdom.
* Can attach up to nine documents to fax at one time
* Can send faxes to 60 other country destinations at no extra cost
* Online fax storage for up to one year
* Excellent customer support


* At the time of our most recent review, there were no notable cons.


Axiatel’s Fax to Email is an ideal option for SMEs, professionals and people who send and receive faxes regularly. Axiatel’s Fax to Email has local fax numbers available in numerous major European cities. Sending and receiving faxes with Axiatel’s Fax to Email is incredibly easy, and you can expect good fax quality from faxes you send. Axiatel’s Fax to Email service offers high quality customer support on top of a 30-day free trial for those who just want to try out before buying.

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Fax Number Options

Axiatel’s Fax to Email has a vast array of local numbers available over 600 cities in England and Northern Ireland. When choosing your local number, you can select a number according to your area code and city. It costs £45 to port a number from another service to Axiatel’s Fax to Email.

Sending and Receiving Faxes

You can expect good fax quality with Axiatel’s Fax to Email. The vendor lets you fax up to nine documents to as many as 50 recipients. Axiatel’s Fax to Email lets you preview your fax before you send it out as well as schedule the delivery of your faxes. They offer one year of online fax storage, which is much longer than the 30 day Market Standard. The vendor also has what they call a junk filter, where you can report a number as junk and then tell the filter to block that number in the future. The vendor is Mac-compatible and faxes can be sent and received from up to five email addresses.

Axiatel’s Fax to Email “Best Value” plan costs £7.5 per month. The plan comes with 100  incoming faxes and free outgoing faxes. Their price per page is cheaper than the Market Standard costing only 5p per page sent. Axiatel’s Fax to Email offers a prepayment discount of £67.5 for one year, which comes out to about £5.6 per month. Axiatel’s Fax to Email offers a free trial period of 30 days.

Customer Support

Axiatel’s Fax to Email offers many types of customer support, including phone and email support, user guides, tutorials and FAQs. They also have phone support with minimal wait times. Axiatel’s Fax to Email offers high quality customer support and we found them to be very helpful and knowledgeable.

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  2. John says:

    Axiatel failed to cancel my account, and charged me for a full year without notice. Be warned, as staff were extremely rude when dealing with my cancellation request

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