Apple is getting into iCloud?

icloud outsourced storage

When we think Apple, the letter “i” also comes to our mind and it is no surprise. There might also be no surprise to many that Apple has bought domain from Xcerion, a sweden-based former for $4.5m. However, in a “cloud” fever, that is catching everyone in the technological and telecom industry – it seems that Apple is no exception to this!

At the moment Xcerion’s storage-as-a-cloud service comes up under a new domain name of in search engines, this tells us something about Apple’s plans to get serious about cloud business.

CloudMe  is a free web-based file storage service accessible directly from a mobile (iPhone, Android, etc) or the browser. This gives access to online files anywhere.

CloudMe offers an entire suite of apps and services that allows to go mobile and accessing online storage on the go. Currently, the new users can get 3GB free storage on the cloud of any files.

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