Green Virtual Office Solutions with Fax by Mail

It is a known fact that the state of the environment has greatly diminished over the past decades. With growing concerns for the well-being of the planet, environmentally friendly offices have become an important part of the internal and external policies of many businesses worldwide. Many of these businesses and customers choose to work with organizations that actively work in the fight for the preservation of the planet. These organizations encourage the adoption of green and ethical policies allowing businesses to minimize their ecological footprint.

Green AxiatelToday, many businesses of all sizes opt to support this cause as they recognize that going green can be beneficial for the planet but also for their pocket. Going green can allow businesses to save costs on unnecessary office items such as paper and ink. With the ever-advancing world of technology, companies can become more eco-friendly using virtual office solutions.

eco-friendly axiatelThere are many companies that offer virtual office solutions with VoIP technologies such as fax by mail. This service is offered by many providers one being Axiatel. Axiatel allows users to send and receive faxes from their interface which acts like an email inbox. Fax to email eliminates the need for a fax machine and paper. With today’s technological advancements, users can receive an unlimited number of faxes as well as send faxes to over 61 countries worldwide. This eco-friendly, green alternative means that users can save on the cost of paper, electricity, a fax machine, ink, a phone/fax line and most importantly on their wasted time standing by a fax machine!

All you need is you’re a laptop and an internet connection and your all set! You will be able to access your faxes everywhere you go with no stress and no fuss.

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