Choose right mobile contract, says Ofcom.

76% of UK customers pay too high for their mobile phone bills!

saving moneyThe report presented by Bill Monitor reveals that consumers lose £4.899 bln on monthly bills, when it could be easily avoided, suggesting that majority of people are on wrong mobile phone contracts. The results in this report are based on statistical analysis of 28,417 anonymised bills from customers with mobile contracts on O2, Orange, Vodafone and T-Mobile covering usage over the last 18 months. The analysis was carried out by the billmonitor team together with billmonitor’s science advisers, Professor Chris Holmes and Dr Nicolai Meinshausen (both from Oxford University).

billmonitorThe Ofcom recommends all British mobile users to compare different mobile phone packages using its accredited Bill Monitor, a bill comparison website.

bill monitor service ofcomBillmonitor is an independent and impartial service that helps mobile phone users save money via its unique Ofcom-accredited mobile comparison calculator. Employing highly developed statistical methods, billmonitor analyses post-pay customers’ online bills to find out exactly how they use their phone, then analyses all the contract deals in the market against 8,291,421 contracts before matching them to exactly the right contract so they pay no more than they should.

By inputting billing account details, the site automatically analyses the bill comparing its usage against others and makes its recommendation.

One-off Tariff Search could be performed as well, where you enter minutes and texts used, as well as overseas calls, picture messaging and data usage. It will then suggest the right package.

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