Conference Call Etiquette!

Useful tips for preparing and implementing a successful conference call

The most important tip is: organization, organization, organization!

Conference call for Axiatel

Are you planning an international, multicultural meeting? Here are some hints for preparing a successful and productive meeting:

– Create a list of all participants (in principle, the fewer participants, the more manageable the meeting will be)

– Agree with the participants on the proposed time and date of the meeting as well as the duration. Be aware of possible time modifications.

– Specify the language in which the conference call will be conducted, in order for the participants to be informed and prepared in advance.

– Inform participants of the technical component of the conference call: What number do the participants have to dial? Do they agree with the supervision or recording of the call?
– Define the roles of pre-determined. Who moderated the discussion of who should provide ideas, who is perhaps only audience?

– What documents are required? In many telephone conferences, contracts, past campaigns or protocols are required.

If you are sure that you have followed the above steps, then you can be sure to have a successful conference. Finally, send a final e-mail reminder to all participants.

Now you are perfectly prepared for a successful, productive and organized conference call.


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