Portability – mobile, fax numbers…

number portability axiatelA new word of the last week is Number Portability.

Surely, in past week or two we have heard a lot about mobile number portabilities, where the individual users can switch their current operators in 1 day, according to Ofcom new rules and being able to calculate their monthly bills for mobile use with MonitorBill otping for better deals. But how about if someone is not happy with the fixed line provider?

Of course, it is hard to find a residential telephone line provider in UK with the full infrastructure as BT and Virgin Media. There are many smaller companies, who provide their service over BT lines. But what is good with the developing telco companies is that they are prepared to enter this market making the opportunity work for them.

faxPerhaps, switching phone line is not in the to do-list of many brits and businesses,  however, switching fax services and fax numbers to other provders could be an important consideration for many users.

Here we are talking about online faxing services that deliver faxes to email inboxes and open the opportunity of sending faxes from email, responding to the mobile demands of the digital economy and its growing businesses. The Fax to Email service still uses the fax number but in a special format as 123…@fax.axiatel.com …

So what are are saying is that people can still keep their fax number (ported to the new provider) but insead of occupying main phone lines, using fax machine, spending money on ink, cartridges, papers and monthly bills – the users can use their emails or any device with internet to send faxes! Well, there is something to think over weekend!

For more information on the portability service please get in touch with Axiatel‘s team. They make offers of free portability as well! But for now:

Have a good weekend!

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