Ofcom steps into shoes of overcharged consumers!

On 10th of May Ofcom made an announcement asking consumers to get in touch if they have received a higher than expected mobile, landline or broadband bill in the past 12 months.

consumers overchargedSometimes we are faced with bills for unexpected costs such as using mobile abroad, making more calls than monthly allowance, having phone stolen, calling expensive or premium rate numbers, or downloading data.

There are of course regulations for transparant information on charging in UK, as well as European regulations to limit charges when making calls or accessing the internet on a mobile phone while in Europe. However, Ofcom’s research shows that 6 per cent of UK consumers received an unexpectedly high mobile phone bill over the past 12 months, with 18 per cent of those people receiving a bill of over £100 more than expected.

As a regulator, Ofcom steps into the scene again and ofcom would like hear from consumers that have received a one-off unusually higher than expected mobile, landline, or broadband bill in the past 12 months, to consider whether there is a need for further action. Ofcom will consider all responses to the Call for Inputs, and information gathered from communications providers in order to better understand the issues around unexpectedly high bills.

Get in touch by 14 June 2011 and contact from here.

If you have received  an unexpectedly high bill, please visit this official website to know what to do.


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