Green Offices should use green fax

Telcomms can help offices be green!

green office weekAs this week marks the launch of the Green Office Week (GOW), the campaigners draw attention to the sipmle tips to make offices greener. Each day a new theme is presented, so that offices can can fit these environmental ideas into work place. Energy, Transport, Waste, Purchasing and Opportunity is among themes for small offices to explore this week.  

Among simple Energy saving, there are such tips as:

Tip 1:  Use window blinds to reduce the temperature in offices from direct sunlightgreen office uk
Tip 2:  Turn the heating thermostat down by 1 degree and watch your annual heating bull come down by as much as 10%
Tip 3:  Use natural ventilation in preference to air conditioning. Simply open a window! If necessary, use an electric fan instead of air conditioning when temperatures rise.
Tip 4:  Turn off computers when not in use, especially overnight and during weekends (but check first with your IT manager that no essential maintenance work needs to be done overnight!)
Tip 5:  Switch to energy saving light bulbs ad switch off lights during daylight
And we can add, Tip 6: Use online fax, so that you don’t have to pay for electricity bills, print paper, purchase ink. Receiving faxes allow to have all faxes into the email inbox and sending a fax could be done through email.
The modern services that telco companies design for small businesses helps to make office green by use of such technologies as fax to email and virtual switchboards.

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