Location iPhone: Update iOS 4.3.3 should fix everything.

According to the information site Boy Genius Report, in the coming weeks, Apple should update iOS 4.3 which will change the system for recording movements of users of the 3G iPhone and the iPad.

Last week, Apple defended claims, ensuring that it does not trace the whereabouts of the iPhone and it never has done. However, it recognizes that the file consolidated.db collects and stores with the location of GSM and WiFi antennas encountered by the user.

Apple also announced an update to IOS 4.3 to reduce the size of the file containing the history of movements, which in some cases, could contain one year worth of data.

iphone gps for axiatelThis update, therefore allows the iPhone to be more responsive when new connections to the antennas GSM thereby facilitating its location without necessarily passing through the GPS that is longer to implement.

According Boy Genus Report, the cache file will be reduced and it will no longer be automatically backed up on iTunes whenever you sync an iPhone 3G or iPad. However, this database will be completely removed if the user disables geolocation.

The update should improve the autonomy and correct anomalies on the iPod. The next major upgrade of IOS, among other iOS 5, introduce the encryption of the file containing the geo data.


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