Apple Swipes Googles Crown

Google is no longer the world’s most valuable company.

apple vs google for axiatelThe brand value of the iPhone and Apple iPad manufacturer has increased over the past year, by 84 percent to 153.3 billion dollars, according to a study by researchers at Millward Brown Mart.
Google’s brand value has dropped 2 percent to 111.5 billion dollars, meaning that Apple has now found itself in first place. The reason for the rise of Apple’s brand value is due to the popularity of their products.

The models set it apart from the competition. “Apple broke with its pricing model, the established rules” said the analyst. “The iPhone and iPad mimics the luxury manufacturer to manufacturer, the higher the price of their branded products, the more intense the demand for it seems to be.”

Apple however is coming under fire: There have been suicides, the iPhone manufacturer Foxconn, and the data scandals around the iPhone made ​​headlines negative.


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