Telecom solutions for small business in UK

Virtual Switchboard, a service of call forwarding, a much needed service for Small Offices.

Telephone is still a primary point of contact with customers for many businesses. With the development of cloud or hosting technologies, many small companies are enjoying the flexibility and total control over their phone systems. With the availability of virtual switchboards and online faxes, small businesses have the same competitive advantage as bigger businesses at no invested cost.

axiatel virtual switchboard uk

Virtual switchboards continue to grow and gain popularity among small businesses and entrepreneurs of all kinds. Virtual Switchboard also known as IP PBX essentially is an inbound call management system that allows filtering calls to the right people and departments or having them forwarded to the voicemail, which is delivered to the email. These services are designed to bring mobility, flexibility, accessibility, increase efficiency and professionalism from small businesses when dealing with customers online. Let us explain who these benefits are achieved.

Typically the service providers offer a choice for the local phone number, an interface and number of minutes for call forwarding. For example the Axiatel Virtual Switchboard offers switchboard numbers in Canada, UK, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and other European countries and its local regions. Having local switchboard numbers creates that important local presence and as any fixed phone number, callers are charged only the local call rate (which sometimes cost nothing to call), depending on the country, operators, plans etc. 

The second offering is an online interface where the users can configure the settings and design their own unique call system. Users have full access to interface which includes such features as:

  • IVR configuration (press 1 for information, press 2 for sales) to welcome and directarchitecture of virtual switchboard axiatel customers to the right person with up to 10 redirections,
  • call forwarding to multiple phone lines,
  • call transfers up to 5 number redirections if first number if busy,
  • voicemail delivered free to email,
  • options for choosing greeting messages and recording unique own messages,
  • and many more.

Axiatel’s simple and advanced configurations allow the users to design their own tree of calls, uploading their own messages, waiting music, specific messages.

There are many other features of the service and you can try and test if for free during first 30 days. Please visit few service providers and do not forget to check Axiatel video demonstration which will give you insight into the virtual switchboard system and offers.


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