Google creates its ‘Mac’

It has now been confirmed that Google will sell two laptops directly through their web site, one Samsung and one from Acer, known as Chromebooks. The release date for the Chromebooks are said to be on the 15th of June in the U.S, and six European countries, including the UK. The price for the consumer market will range between 300 and 350 euros.

In addition, Google has offered a rental model to businesses and schools with an administrative console hosted on the web. The price will range around $ 28 per user per month and $ 20 for schools.

The announcement from Google however hides behind much more than a new computer. This new product is a clear attempt to remake the laptop market. In this case, the bet is to launch laptops built to take advantage of cloud-based applications like Google Docs.

This is an attempt from Google to compete in a market which is still dominated entirely by Microsoft. But it also represents further confirmation “that we are in a world where everything converges. Currently, hardware manufacturers are losing ground in favour of the owners of the platforms for people to download and consume services, content and Internet applications, “said Ivan Gonzalez, director of Pentheus.” The question is to see if Google manages to restore power to Microsoft in the notebook market. And if it manages to occupy an important position as a result both Apple and Google will be stronger. ”

“Google has created its own Mac, in the sense that so far Apple was the only company that had dared to a total vertical integration in the value chain of computers,” said independent analyst Jaime García Cantero. In your opinion, Google will sell, like Apple, a computer that controls the software, hardware, distribution and marketing. “It even goes further and offers maintenance with an offer of payment for use without computer purchase. The big difference is that Apple does everything alone while Google has sought allies, Acer and Samsung in the hardware.”


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