The real cost of faxing. How much does it cost to fax ?

Costs associated with traditional faxing.

The cost cutting in the office has never been more relevant than today. Not many of us think about the financial loses that using traditional faxing can cause to small offices. Of course, some professionals have to use faxing as a way to prove their signatures or receive a document by fax in order to continue with their work. But there are ways to reduce all the costs by using Online Fax services, but to start with let’s look at the costs associated with using fax machine and faxing.

fax phone lineIn order to have faxing capacity, we need to rent a line or use our existing phone line for occasional switch into fax line. Assuming that we want to keep our phone line open for calls, and always receive faxes, the installation and renting another line for the business use comes to the minimum price £180 for the 12 month minimum contract and that is with no minutes (info taken from BT business phone line). This means all the outgoing faxes will be charged extra as per-minute depending on the provider.

fax machineThe next point purchase of the fax machine. The cheapest fax machine available at Argos comes at £60, the fax machine accessories – the ink cartridge comes about £40 per replacement. Depending on the frequency of use of the fax machine, there will be minimum 2 ink replacements. This brings annual total to minimum £ 140, or about £ 12 per month.

office paper xeroxThe cost of paper. Hmmm. It again depends on the frequency of faxing. Each paper needs to be printed and faxed. When someone receives a fax, it needs to be also printed on the receiver’s end. It is a double printing of the fax.

electricity billsAs the fax machine is switched on almost all the time for the faxes to come through and as such it consumes some energy and our monthly electricity bills can be accounted for the fax machine’s energy consumption.

cost of timeThe most important waste and cost is the time. Considering that we need to physically stand by the fax machine and send through the papers one by one, and wait for the delivery notification, it cost us our time. Faxing through a document can take up to 20 minutes of our time.

it costs to fax!Line rental + fax machine + ink+ paper+ electricity + our time = ?

The answer is obvious it just costs too much for small businesses to have a fax machine. Instead many SME have opted for the online fax services that is green, reliable, flexible, and cost effective.

If we add the major costs of line rental and fax machine maintenance, it comes to over 350 pounds per year and that is without paper, energy bills and intangible costs of our time, frustrations, and being inflexible.

Online faxing is 4 times cheaper than using fax machine!

One of the small business telecom service providers Axiatel, offers for £96 per year to take advantage of “Business” package. It is at least 4 times cheaper to use online faxing services of Axiatel, than sticking to the traditional faxing.

UK online fax service provider axiatelTheAxiatel’s Fax to email, aka online fax, internet fax, fax by email offers more benefits such as:

  • Sending to over 60 countries for free
  • 30 day free trials
  • Reduced fees for longer subscriptions
  • Automatic cover page
  • Online interface for system configuration
  • Automatic address book
  • Automatic delivery status notifications and reports

 Storage of faxes for the entire duration of service use and many more.

Visit Axiatel today to take advantage of the offer valid till 31 May 2011.

There is no better way of faxing than online faxing!

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