IBM Turns 100

The multinational software products IBM celebrated its 100 years on Monday, May 16. The company was founded in 1911 by the merger of large companies.
Surprisingly, the company was born from the merger of the Tabulating Machine Company with the Computing Scale Company Corporation and International Time Recording Company. At the time of the merger, the company was called Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation. The technology giant established its current name, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), on the 14 February 1924.

To celebrate its centennial history, IBM has sought to make a reminder of the technological innovations the company has made over the years through the launch of a video.
With more than 400,000 employees and present in 170 countries, IBM entered its second century in 2010 after having achieved a record profit of 14,800 million dollars, earnings per share of $ 11.52, above its target market. IBM has reached a new registration record for patents, making it the first company to develop more than 5,896 patents in one year.
Below are the eight great achievements of IBM
1 – In 1923, IBM punch cards helped to cope with large projects such as the creation of the U.S. Census
2 – In 1934, IBM automated record checks at banks thanks to the team 801 Bank Proof.
3 – In 1944, IBM introduced the Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (ASCC), the first computer capable of performing complex calculations automatically.
4 – In 1964, IBM introduced the first mainframe, which was defined by Thomas J. Watson as the most important product announcement in the history of IBM.
5 – In the 70’s, IBM created the floppy disk and marketed the Universal Product Code, the standard bar codes.
6 – In 1981, IBM announced the first PC, the most successful personal computer of all time.
7 – In 1997, the supercomputer Deep Blue defeated Gary Kasparov, the chess player in the world.
8 – In 2008, IBM announced its strategy Smart Planet.


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