First multipoint videoconference on the iPad 2

Vidyo announced its compatibility with the iPad 2, the tablet and smartphone Atrix XOOM 4G. The communication platform and collaboration Vidyo provides multipoint video conferencing solution for the iPad HD 2 and on a wide variety of handsets.

Vidyo uses the platform so that users can enjoy video conferencing from any location through devices such as the: Smartphone, tablets, laptops or desktops. This extensive compatibility with devices has attracted developers to build, for the first time, new video conferencing applications for thousands of terminals.

Ofer Shapiro, co-founder and CEO of Vidyo, states that “the powerful CPU of the Apple iPad 2 and its front and rear cameras make it an excellent platform to support multipoint HD video.” He also said that “Only the multi-core architecture of PCs allowed us a few years ago, to provide personal tele-presence on desktop computers, the same evolution on mobile platforms is opening the market to Vidyo. ”

Vidyo launched the first multi-quality video on a smartphone TV. From that moment, Vidyo platform has expanded to be compatible with the IPAD, iPhone4, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Tab and other Android smartphones and tablets.
The communication and collaboration platform Vidyo was approved last year as the first mobile service multipoint conferencing available in any telecommunications network operator.


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