4G LTE trial: wireless or wired broadband?

telecom provider BTAs many know, the broadband over standard copper wires in distant location in UK just doesn’t work but physically laying fibre-optic cable is not economically viable option for telecom companies. To address this issue, BT is starting off a trial in September.

4G LTE trial:  Going wireless.

wireless broadband Two hundred computer users in rural Cornwall will be under trial of a new superfast wireless broadband system being tested by BT and the mobile carrier Everything Everywhere. This could solve the problem of many areas where people cannot get high-speed connections via telephone wires.

The economic viability and technical capability of wireless broadband is what being tested in a quest to achieve aims of Digital Britain strategy, where every home should be able to get broadband at a minimum downloads speed of 2Mbps.

How it works?

The wireless connections will use radio spectrum freed up by the “digital dividend” from shutting off analogue TV transmitters. The range of frequencies borrowed from the communications regulator Ofcom will be tested.  Those frequencies will be auctioned off in 2012 to provide 4G/LTE services. The equipment for the connections will be installed on two mobile masts, and come from Finland’s Nokia Siemens Networks and China’s Huawei.


4G LTE faster broadbandBT and Everything Everywhere are inviting people to bid for a place on the trial through a web-based system. The trials will mark the first time that wireless connections have been used for both fixed and mobile signals.

A key element of the test is that it will be using the 800MHz frequency band, which should have longer range than the higher frequencies on which mobile masts currently transmit. That in turn should improve reception over distance, meaning that mobile carriers will not have to extend their existing networks to create blanket 4G coverage when the radio spectrum is auctioned off by Ofcom next year.

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