How a business can get Australian fax and switchboard number while in UK?

relocating from UK to AusRelocation to a new country or just opening business in other countries is associated with many inconveniences and administrative hassles, especially if it is about getting local phone lines. But for Axiatel users, such problem just doesn’t exist.

Axiatel is an online portal of business and individual telecommunication services, offers potential expats to benefit from its innovative service of online faxing and virtual switch boarding. The conveniences are many.

First of all, Axiatel operates in 10 countries that offer possibilities of getting fax and virtual switchboard numbers of any countries in which it operates. The users of the Axiatel numbers don’t have to be physically present in that area. Axiatel offers its services in Australia, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Portugal. So one person can subscribe to any service, except Germany (due to regulations)

call redirection serviceSecondly, Axiatel offers its users to have unlimited amount of online fax numbers and offers the creation of the administrative accounts for control and easy management. This is good solution for middle sized businesses that require few numbers and in different regions.

online faxThirdly, with Axiatel, faxes come to the email addresses and can be sent from email, or online account. This service requires only internet supplied device to be able to enjoy online faxing. With Virtual switchboard service, the incoming call routing to user’s mobiles, home or office phones don’t require and phone lines or internet. Axiatel delivers all your calls to the indicated number and delivered voicemails to emails at no charge, make its users cable-free.

Finally, the fax to email services offer great advantages like flexibility, reliability, cost effectiveness, green impact in the office, mobility, and many more. This adds to the convenience and new greener ways of living and working in any country!


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