Wikipedia: Cultural Heritage of Humanity

The world’s first online encyclopedia wants to enter history in the UNESCO list.

“We deserve this protection as the first digital platform for the exchange of information.”
The online encyclopedia launched a call to rally support for the initiative. Their goal is to become the first digital platform for Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
The goal is to “honor the work they have accomplished as a free platform of knowledge.”
UNESCO’s program is “to preserve and make known sites of exceptional cultural or natural common heritage of mankind.” The sites mentioned by UNESCO can obtain funding for the conservation of the Fund for the Conservation of Heritage.
UNESCO World Heritage Site has a separate category for intangible heritage. But the creators of Wikipedia refuse to run in the latter category.
“Help us to convince UNESCO that they should guide the criteria for Cultural Heritage status for the digital age, “ says Wikipedia in a petition.
Wikipedia has 17 million articles in 278 languages ​​and is the fifth most visited website in the world.

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