Ban of three year phone and broadband contracts.

Telecom providers in UK will not tie down consumers for 36 months any more.

ban of long term contracts 36 month ukOfcom, a regulator has banned three-year broadband and phone contracts, with providers now only able to offer maximum contracts of two years. They must also make 12-month contracts available under the new regulations which bring the UK in line with EU telecoms law. This regulations also require mobile providers to transfer customers’ mobile phone numbers to a new provider within one working day.

Ofcom has also introduced an emergency SMS scheme which allows registered users to text the details of emergencies to the emergency services instead of calling 999.

ofcomOfcom chief executive Ed Richards said: “These changes to the regulations should make it easier for consumers to take advantage of the wide range of competition in the UK communications market. The emergency SMS scheme has proved very successful. It is right that this service should be made permanent in order to safeguard it for the people who depend on it.”

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