Optimize your meetings with the conference call

Do you need to talk about a professional contract or make a decision with colleagues, clients or suppliers? Nothing could be easier than the conferencing service offered by Axiatel.
The conference call is a service that works in an online or virtual domain. Your virtual domain has a dedicated local or national number. All that those need to do in order to attend the meeting is to dial the number indicated on their notification email or SMS.
These virtual conferences are protected by a virtual conference call with axiatelsecurity code on order to restrict any unwanted access. All conversations that take place during the meetings are recorded and saved so you can listen to them later. These records are accessible from landlines, mobile phones and abroad.
In order to arrange a meeting, you can log into your online Axiatel interface. With the conference call, you have the possibility to send reminders via SMS or email to the participants that you want. They can also connect directly by calling the number indicated on their virtual space.
The great thing about the Virtual Conference Call service is that it works anywhere. You are allocated a local number so that you remain contactable wherever you are.This means that you no longer need to travel for your meetings with customers and / or your suppliers as you can manage and organize everything from your online account.


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