Online Fax: the green benefits of faxing

online fax UK service provider axiatelFaxing to many professions is still the necessity of their everyday jobs, for example for lawyers, accountants, insurance companies, governmental organisations, educational institutions and any other professions that need to deal with documents and geniune signatures on daily basis.

But faxing from the fax machines often is associated with waste of time while standing by the fax machine and waste of the office resources, like paper, prining, inks, and many more. Many users of the online fax services today enjoy the freedom of this new service.

First of all, it is green service, imagine faxing without a fax machine! With Internet Fax services the need to use bulky machines goes away, as the faxes are sent by email and received to the email. Now this opens other benefits, for example faxes can now be stored on the online interface and email inbox. There is no need to print automatically all incoming faxes; and whether you are in Paris, New York or London, you can fax from your email account to any fax machine. This feature of the service gives flexible working options, where one can fax from home, office PC or from anywhere in the world.

Secondly, as faxed are received to email, there is no costs of electricity for the fax machine, paper purchase, or line rental. In fact, unlike many traditional telco service providers of the phone lines which could be switched between phone line and fax – service providers of the online fax, like Axiatel provide legitimate fax numbers under 5 minutes. With providers over IP, there is no need for the line rental, its set up costs and long distance call charges. This considerably brings down the cost of faxing abroad. In fact the monthly fixed packages provide with standard minutes, and that could easily be upgraded to the bigger plans if needed.

Finally, the online fax allows many users to access this faxing service, making it a convenient service for small offices and businesses. The online account is now so developd that it truly replaces and outperforms the fax machine, not only thanks to its technology of parallel fax reception and sending, but also thanks to the flexibility that online account offers to its users. Among examples are availability of usage statistics, view of faxes received and sent, incorporation of address books and many more.

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