Mac OS x 10.7 Lion released in July

During the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2011, Apple introduced alongside the new mobile operating system iOS5, the new Mac OS x 10.7 Lion, which is due to be released in July.

According to Apple, in July, the first operating system will be available only in the Mac App Store itself, which is incidentally the largest store of its kind now on the Internet.
With Mac OS x 10.7 Lion, Apple offers more than 250 new features, of which only a part was presented during the WWDC. These include full-screen mode, multi-touch gestures, intended to enable an easier operation and also the use of the launch pad, which helps the apps using the settings that you would like.

In addition, the auto-save feature in the foreground was created so as to avoid the data loss caused by the crash of individual apps.
It seems that Apple did a very good job with the new Mac OS. Current Mac owners can therefore look forward to the upcoming update.


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