Google Instant Pages to speed web search

The new feature proposed by Google will predict which page a user will choose and begin fetching its data even before they have clicked on the link

The search giant has unveiled that the new feature that will predict which page a user will choose from a list of search results. It was designed to shave between 2 to 5 seconds from the overall search query time. It builds on Google Instant, introduced in September 2010, which produces a page of search results before the user has finished typing their query or pressed the entry key.

Instant Pages employs the user’s Google search history together with the relevance of each search result, and around 200 other algorithmic factors, to determine which link they are most likely to click on, and begins contacting the server to load that page in the background as soon as the search results appear.

“We’re obsessed with speed,” said Singhal. “We call speed the killer app. None of us have enough time, and last year’s Google Instant was one of the biggest improvements we’ve made in getting information to users quicker.”


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