Google pulls out new tricks to get people to use Chrome

Google is introducing more technological tricks to simplify Internet searching and give people another reason to surf the web on its Chrome browser.

The features unveiled Tuesday includes an option which allows people to speak their search requests in English while sitting in front of their office and home computers. The program already exists on Smartphone’s running on Google Inc.’s Android software.

By continually coming up with innovative ways to simplify search requests, Google hopes to extend its dominance in the Internet’s most lucrative market: this being steering people to the information they want as quickly as possible.

For now, the spoken-request option for desktop computers will be offered only on Google’s Chrome browser. It will be activated by clicking on a microphone icon inside Google’s search box. Chrome’s users will get the new feature within the next few days.

The speech-recognition technology draws upon a database of more than 230 billion words that Google has built while processing spoken requests on phones for the past two and a half years.

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