Fax via internet

Fax by email” is a new technology that allows you send faxes via Internet and / or email. Users can receive and view them as electronic files such as Word or PDF documents.

Fax via internet replaces the traditional fax with specialized machines and the subscription to a telephone line.

Axiatel is an online company that specializes in Internet fax and other virtual business solutions. Axiatel offers technology that uses either a computer or a mobile phone as a fax machine. Online faxes allow the user to send and receive faxes wherever and whenever.

Fax via Internet services do not require the purchasing of equipment or a fax machine. All you need to benefit from such a service is a computer with internet connection. To enjoy the benefits of the fax via internet service, all one needs to do is sign up on the online website and you will receive a virtual fax number instantly.
Axiatel assigns you a fax number which will be operational in less than 10 minutes after you register.

To receive faxes to your virtual fax number, you simply need to communicate it to your clients. When you send a fax by internet, email or from a fax machine with this number, you receive a fax on your online account and also on your email account.

Discover all the advantages of Internet fax service


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