Nokia releases N9 Smartphone

Nokia has launched their new mobile phone, the N9. The phone, developed on the open-source Meego platform, boasts many firsts for Nokia, which hopes that the device will reverse its sliding fortunes. The Nokia N9 doesn’t have any menu buttons and largely relies on new swiping capabilities developed as part of Meego.

The N9 is the first Smartphone from Nokia to run Meego. The commercial launch will be held later this year, the company said. The N9 model comes with a large touch screen and is available in black, cyan and magenta.

Nokia has been losing ground in the Smartphone market to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android devices, as well as with Asian rivals such as China’s ZTE and India’s Micromax.

Nokia has led the Smartphone market since 1996 when it launched the Communicator, a Smartphone that is most popular within the business community due to its ability to browse the internet as well as to receive and send emails, data and fax.

Although Nokia rejected plans to use MeeGo in its future smartphones, it decided to unveil one of the models it was working on before the close of the business line. In February Nokia picked Microsoft’s Windows Phone as its future software choice.

The partnership with Windows may not be a cure for Nokia’s troubles since rivals including HTC and ZTE will continue to bring out devices based on Microsoft’s software.


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