5 Reasons to use a Virtual Switchboard Service.

  1. The use of online telecommunications systems have increased as both businesses and individuals are becoming more and more internet savvy. An innovative virtual office solution such as the virtual switchboard or PBX allows businesses to keep up with fast-paced business world.
  2. What makes this solution so attractive to businesses is the flexibility that it offers. Many businesses found that the features available with online switchboard services greatly enhanced their efficiency in call management.  The use of only one business number which forwards onto multiple lines is a great organizational and customer friendly solution.
  3. The virtual switchboard also creates an image of professionalism. The system automatically answers and redirects customers to the right department, so businesses can be sure that calls will be answered the first time by the right person.
  4. Virtual switchboards maximize the amount of calls that are answered. The ability to forward a call to multiple phone lines means that if one phone is not answered then another will. The service also allows companies to control when their phone lines are open, meaning their phone systems run alongside their business opening and closing times. This allows companies to manage and organize their calls efficiently.
  5. Finally virtual switchboards allow businesses to control their incoming calls and make changes to their system to facilitate their evolving needs. Many providers such as Axiatel.com offer a free 30 day trial which allows users to be sure that it is the right service for them. Axiatel also offers other virtual office solutions such as fax to email and web conferencing.

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