Firefox 5

Microsoft’s browser has release a new version of Firefox. Even though Firefox 4 was released in March, today marks the release of Firefox 5. This appears to be Microsoft’s reply to Google’s release of their updated version of Chrome.

“We used to have a new Office every two years and a release of Windows every three. Not that we follow Google Chrome updates, but we do think that the flows have changed, “says the president of the Mozilla Foundation in Europe, Tristan Nitot.

These improvements are a reflection of the clients needs, as it facilities for developers to do CSS animations, fast browsing and allows a more fluid passage between tabs. The developers of the program have stressed that the extensions and additions are compatible, an aspect that tends to raise criticisms.

This program is used on about 20% of computers in Europe and is a leader in Poland and Germany with more than 60% market share.

Firefox will also be in mobile phones, but only with Android. Currently there is no option to download it on the iPhone or Apple products. “The legal terms of the AppStore will not accept our software. It grieves us deeply because we are increasingly demanding. “


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