Graphene the New Future-Changing Super Material!

Graphene is considered the material of the future. It is speculated it is going to take of the telecommunications industry. There are already more than 3,000 research projects dedicated to the research and development of Graphene. Currently there are about 200 companies working with the material.

Nokia recently showed off a concept device (called Morph) made of Graphene. The material is believed to be the new future-changing super-material for the electronics world due to its various characteristics. Chemically, Graphene is a carbon allotrope which has a very thin structure (one atom thick). Despite its thinness, Nokia claimed it to be “the strongest (as well as the lightest) material ever tested, having a breaking strength 300 times greater than steel…” It is also described as the best intrinsic conductor and an extremely-flexible material. According to experts Graphene has the potential to replace silicon as the base of entire electronics.

Samsung is one of the largest investors in graphene research. It has recently developed a flexible 25 inch touch screen with it. Nokia looks to use graphene in the future in the construction of their phones. This would ultimately make their phones bendable. Is this next big step in the telecom industry?


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