Office reaches 365: cloud computing, and economic instruments for SMEs

On June 28, Office 365 officially debuted, Microsoft’s new suite of tools for online work for SMEs.
These online tools for companies provide share and integrate data for enhanced management of work at the highest levels. Corporate suites are based on the concept of cloud computing that enables SMEs to access information, documents, contacts and tasks from anywhere on a PC or smartphone and share data instantaneously with their network of work.
At the moment it is Office 365, along with Google Apps for Business (tools designed for businesses by Google), to attract the attention of companies that have fully understood the importance of managing their own working group based on a flexible sharing network, that is reliable and full of useful tools.
Office 365 guarantees full compatibility with the traditional tools of Office, by combining a series of software that have long been confirmed as the main working tools for many companies: Excel, Word, PowerPoint. Other programs will also be integrated such as SharePoint, Office Web Access and the ability to make voice and video calls, not to mention Outlook (email client) and calendar for appointments, events, deadlines and reminders.


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