LinkedIn number two on social networks in the U.S.

The social network LinkedIn, for industrial relations, has slipped in to second place in the United States, behind Facebook but ahead of MySpace.
In June, LinkedIn has had a record 33.9 million visitors. The Professional Network is certainly behind Facebook with 160.9 million visitors (+2.3%), but it has outrun MySpace, with 33.5 million visitors (-4% in one month).
MySpace, which has long been first in the segment, has been sold at a price estimated at thirty million dollars by the media group News Corp, which bought it over for the winning price in ($ 580 million or 410 million euros) in 2005. LinkedIn is, however, closely followed by the micro-messagerie site Twitter, which recorded fastest growth (13.5%), and now has 30.6 million visitors.
ComScore said that the global figures were not yet available for June. However, according to data from LinkedIn, a majority of the 100 million subscribers or 56 million members live outside the United States. The professional social network, which has just come into stock, has also embarked on a diversification strategy, allowing for example to integrate “social modules” on websites.
But LinkedIn is facing increasingly greater competition in the professional sector. Monster, which specializes in job advertisements, launched in late June, a new integrated social network with Facebook.


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