Fax to Email with Axiatel.com

Axiatel.com, a platform for online sales of telecom solutions explains the features of the fax to email service. It now proposes users to choose a fax resolution, customize the front page, customize the sender of the fax and set the date of dispatch. These new features are in line with the product platform Axiatel.Com which swears by: development, security and flexibility.

Axiatel’s fax to email offers real opportunities in terms of mobility and targets mainly small businesses, entrepreneurs and telecommuters. In addition to various operational features of this service, the site has added a variety of tricks that are perfect for the fax by mail service.

Fax to email. What is it?

The fax to email service allows users to send and receive faxes over the Internet quickly and easily via a private area or from a mailbox. This service offers distinct advantages such as simplicity, economy, mobility and safety.

New features

Axiatel.com set up additional features for the fax to email service.

* The choice of the fax resolution: This option lets you choose between standard resolution and fine resolution. Superior quality is guaranteed and provides an optimal view of the document.

* The personalization of the cover page: Three models are proposed and pages to choose from: classic, elegant and modern, to enhance the overall presentation of the fax.

* Customization of the sender of fax: it is now possible to customize the fax by filling in the name of the issuer, the fax number of the sender, the subject of the fax and include a logo.

* Setting the date of dispatch of the fax immediately or delayed, this option proposes to plan sending.

* Filtering junk fax: it is possible here to filter junk faxes received on the online user interface to the tab “inbox”.

Support of Sustainable Development

The fax to email service offered by Axiatel meets an environmental ethic, fundamental to the well-being of the planet. With the fax-mail, there is no requirement to recycle materials or print documents. This is because each fax page printed unnecessarily is a waste. It increases the pollution, and wastes ink and energy. Axiatel.com supports the reforestation program of the Association Planète Urgence 1 euro = 1 tree. With each order, Axiatel donates one euro to Planète Urgence.


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One Response to Fax to Email with Axiatel.com

  1. Isaac says:


    La forma en la que trabaje con axiatel no es por plataforma de afiliacion, pero nunca se sabe si podrian usar dichas plataformas, por eso os aviso a continuacion de su forma de trabajar.

    Contactaron conmigo para realizar Email Marketing a mi base de datos.
    Me pidieron muchos datos y se los fui facilitando todos, tardaron unas 3 semanas en decidirse a enviar una campaña de email marketing.
    Por problemas con otras empresas, mi forma de trabajar es pidiendo el 50% del pago total, antes del envio. Dicho pago lo hicieron correctamente.
    Despues de acabar el envio, parece ser que los resultados no les gustaron y por este motivo han decidido no pagar el otro 50%.

    Nunca trabajeis con esta empresa directamente porque si sus resultados no les gustan no os pagaran.

    Tampoco recomendaria trabajar a traves de plataforma de afiliados, porque igualmente seguro que no pagarian a la plataforma y esta no os pagaria a vosotros.

    Eso es todo si alguien tiene alguna duda puede preguntarla por aqui.


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