Apple offers a new MacBook Air, a mini Mac with an enhanced new generation screen

Apple, which launched its new operating system Mac OS X Lion July 20 (only available in the App Store), presents three new products: a MacBook Air, a Mac mini and a new generation screen.

The new range of MacBook Air is for sale as part of new generation processors, the technology I / O Thunderbolt (which is already present in MacBook Pro and exclusive new technologies) and a keyboard backlight.

A fully-equipped flash memory (64 or 256 Go), the MacBook Air is available in two sizes, 11 and 13 inches. The MacBook Air has a price ranging from € 949 (11 inch version and 64 Go) to € 1499 (13-inch, 256 Go).

Also new to the computer: an evolution of the Mac mini. Including a more powerful Intel processor with its new generation, it is also equipped with the technology I / O Thunderbolt. Apple promises processor and graphic capabilities to be twice, of those of the previous generation. The new Mac mini is sold at € 599 (with a processor 2.3 GHz, 500 Go, 2 Go storage and RAM) and € 799 (2.5 GHz, 500 Go, 4Go storage and RAM).

These new MacBook and Mac mini work with Mac OS X Lion. They are already for sale on the Web and available in stores from July 21.

Apple also announced the release of the Thunderbolt Apple Display, the first screen (27 inches) specially designed to accommodate an Apple laptop compatible with Thunderbolt. This screen will be available from September 20 for 999 €.

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