The Pentagon is monitoring social networks

The United States will appeal to scientists to find ways to detect and counter the propaganda that parasite social media.
The U.S. Department of Defense research experts are trying to master a “new science of social media” to anticipate the emergence of movements of propaganda on social networks.
The program’s goal is to detect “deliberately misleading messages and misinformation” on social networks, according to the call for applications for its technology research arm, DARPA, dated July 14.
The project echoes the concerns expressed by senior U.S. military face of rapid political changes in the Middle East, where social networks have catalyzed the protest against government long-time allies of the United States.
Some senior officers have privately discussed the need to better detect the movement of revolt through social networks and to seek ways to influence the outcome in the Arab world using Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.
“More and more major events both strategic and tactical for our armed forces are held in the media sphere (social),” said Darpa in a statement, explaining that the U.S. defense “must therefore be aware of these events as they occur and be in position to defend itself in this sphere. “


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