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Sony Gets Into Tablet Business

Sony Tablets have recently been publisied hoping to take some of Apple’s iPad market away from them.  Sony has created the Tablet S, and the Tablet P.  The prior of the two is shaped as a wedge, about the size … Continue reading

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Conservative MP’s Family Falls Victim to Online Bullying

Tory MP, Louise Mensch, has recently received threats against her children from Anonymous and LulzSec due to her stance on shutting down social media sites during specific crises.    The hacking groups are not pleased with the MP because of position … Continue reading

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Nokia & Microsoft Pair-Up

Recently, Microsoft and Nokia have met numerous times over the past months to discuss a joint venture in smart phones.  They hope that their strengths converged will produce a line of cell phones that will quickly grab market share from other industry leaders like … Continue reading

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New Messaging Platform for Facebook

Facebook Messenger, a new smartphone app released by Facebook, ties smartphone instant messaging and SMS.  Facebook has added to their existing superiority with an app that is separate from their ‘Facebook’ application in that the app is solely for instant … Continue reading

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Can the IT Industry Weather Falling Stock Markets?

The IT industry has been strong globally, leading the recovery over thepast couple years in many markets.  With yesterday’s global stock markets plunge to their lowest levels since the last recession, can IT companies continue their growth or will the … Continue reading

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Send a fax with Gmail – Internet Fax Comparison

Looking for a Gmail service with Fax or Internet Fax? Do you want to receive or send faxes with Gmail? Want to send faxes over the Internet or from any other inbox? There exists a range of fax solutions with … Continue reading

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BlackBerry maker Research In Motion cuts 2000 jobs

BLACKBERRY maker Research In Motion are struggling to deal with the sagging demand for its aging Smartphone line. As a result it has been reported that it will cut its global workforce by about 2000, leaving it with about 17,000 … Continue reading

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