Send a fax with Gmail – Internet Fax Comparison

Looking for a Gmail service with Fax or Internet Fax?
Do you want to receive or send faxes with Gmail? Want to send faxes over the Internet or from any other inbox? There exists a range of fax solutions with Gmail, via the internet or from any one inbox. These solutions are usually very cheap compared to the traditional fax – fax machine – also known as the online fax or fax to email services.
How to use an Internet fax solution for sending and receiving faxes with Gmail?
To receive and send faxes via Gmail, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. The next step is to choose an Internet fax provider that allows you to receive and send faxes from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc….

What you gain with Internet Fax
When you start your free trial or you join an internet fax service, a number of features are included at no additional cost and are very useful to save you time, money and mobility …:
• Free fax number (can be a local number free of charge, or keep your current fax number)
• No installation costs
• Fax: send and receive faxes via a mobile or tablet …
• Fax email: fax from Gmail, fax from Hotmail, Yahoo etc ….
• Send multiple faxes with a few clicks
• Easy integration with other applications
• Security and archive faxes
• and more …

Sending and receiving faxes over the Internet is very similar to sending and receiving e-mail. These fax solutions with Gmail are recommended for all fax users, whether individuals or companies. Whether you’re at home or office, your fax will be delivered quickly and safely to your e-mail.


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