New Messaging Platform for Facebook

Facebook Messenger, a new smartphone app released by Facebook, ties smartphone instant messaging and SMS.  Facebook has added to their existing superiority with an app that is separate from their ‘Facebook’ application in that the app is solely for instant messaging.  Users can send and receive messages live via Facebook Messenger app, but there’s an added bonus in this app being that messages can be forwarded onto phones via SMS if the recipient’s Facebook Messaging app is not online.  Even if a user happens not to have a smartphone, they only need to register their mobile phone number with Facebook Messenger so to send and receive messages through SMS .

This app is another step in which Facebook wants to retain their social communication superiorty to hold back company’s like Google, who have their own smartphone messenger app called ‘Huddle’.  This move is also an attack on existing instant messenger services like Icq, MSN, and AIM.  Facebook is truly expanding their hold on almost all methods of communication.

One communication area that they have no affect on is fax technology. Although Facebook hasn’t stumbled in this direction as of yet, there have been advances recently, mainly being ‘fax to email’.  Fax to email, otherwise known as online fax, gets rid of the need to have big fax machines, ink cartridges, and paper jams causing missed faxes since you print only what’s needed.  Faxes can be sent or received from existing email accounts like Gmail, Hotmail, and others; or service providers should offer an online interface that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with internet connection.  It’s assumed Facebook will stay away from fax to email services since it’s a business function, while they concentrate on social communication.

More information for Facebook Messenging application can be found here.


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