Sony Gets Into Tablet Business

Tablet S

Sony Tablets have recently been publisied hoping to take some of Apple’s iPad market away from them.  Sony has created the Tablet S, and the Tablet P.  The prior of the two is shaped as a wedge, about the size of an iPad, and can be used as a smart remote control as well.  The Tablet P is much small, being able to fit it into small bags or purses.  It is a closed face device, where once it’s opened like a book there are two screens.

Sony has decided to compete with the tops players in the computer and tablet business instead of opting to change their focus like HP has announced recently.  HP has decided to get out of the computer business after having taken major losses to competition, in particularly Apple.

An advantage with tablets and mobile phones is having a remote device to support some of the newest software applications.  For instance, Fax to Email is a relatively new way to send and receive faxes.  With a tablet or mobile phone, it’s easy for anyone to keep intouch with their fax from anywhere, which is called ‘cloud computing‘.

Sony’s Tablet S will be on sale right away with a price ranging from $499-699USD, while the Tablet P will be released later this fall for a price yet to be announced.


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