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Google Nexus 7 – Demand Too Great

Today is a pretty sad day if you have been waiting to get your hands on Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. The demand has obviously surpassed Google’s expectations stating that it is currently out of stock at the Google Play store … Continue reading

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Sony Gets Into Tablet Business

Sony Tablets have recently been publisied hoping to take some of Apple’s iPad market away from them.  Sony has created the Tablet S, and the Tablet P.  The prior of the two is shaped as a wedge, about the size … Continue reading

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Nokia releases N9 Smartphone

Nokia has launched their new mobile phone, the N9. The phone, developed on the open-source Meego platform, boasts many firsts for Nokia, which hopes that the device will reverse its sliding fortunes. The Nokia N9 doesn’t have any menu buttons … Continue reading

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Nintendo’s new Wii U aims to be a game-changer

Games giant believes the Wii U, complete with touchscreen, HD, camera and phone, will compete with rivals Microsoft and Sony. The new device known as Nintendo Wii U will launch between April and December 2012. Nintendo is aiming to break … Continue reading

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Ebay to sue Google after alleged theft

Only moments after Google unveiled the Google Wallet Near Field Communication mobile payment service on Thursday, eBay and subsidiary PayPal filed a lawsuit alleging the project’s team lead stole trade secrets to create the service. Google showed off the new … Continue reading

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Mobile phone recycling: Asda’s new service

There are more mobile phones in the UK than people! Asda has launched a trade-in service for second-hand gadgets. The Asda Tech Trade-in accepts mobile phones, satnavs, digital cameras, MP3 players and portable games consoles, and from June customers will … Continue reading

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McDonald’s trials NFC swipe-tech

During this summer, McDonald’s will be accepting proximity payment cards in 1,200 UK branches. McDonalds UK is embracing the very latest technology by installing tills that will accept today’s proximity-enabled credit cards as well as the NFC-enabled mobile phones. The … Continue reading

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