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Google Nexus 7 – Demand Too Great

Today is a pretty sad day if you have been waiting to get your hands on Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. The demand has obviously surpassed Google’s expectations stating that it is currently out of stock at the Google Play store … Continue reading

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Sony Gets Into Tablet Business

Sony Tablets have recently been publisied hoping to take some of Apple’s iPad market away from them.  Sony has created the Tablet S, and the Tablet P.  The prior of the two is shaped as a wedge, about the size … Continue reading

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Nokia & Microsoft Pair-Up

Recently, Microsoft and Nokia have met numerous times over the past months to discuss a joint venture in smart phones.  They hope that their strengths converged will produce a line of cell phones that will quickly grab market share from other industry leaders like … Continue reading

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New Messaging Platform for Facebook

Facebook Messenger, a new smartphone app released by Facebook, ties smartphone instant messaging and SMS.  Facebook has added to their existing superiority with an app that is separate from their ‘Facebook’ application in that the app is solely for instant … Continue reading

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Vodafone and Facebook to target prepay data users

On Wednesday, operator giant Vodafone introduced the world’s first ‘official’ Facebook phone targeted specifically at the prepay market. The new device is known as the 555 Blue. It will be a group wide offering, specifically aimed at the youth. Vodafone’s … Continue reading

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Graphene the New Future-Changing Super Material!

Graphene is considered the material of the future. It is speculated it is going to take of the telecommunications industry. There are already more than 3,000 research projects dedicated to the research and development of Graphene. Currently there are about … Continue reading

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Google pulls out new tricks to get people to use Chrome

Google is introducing more technological tricks to simplify Internet searching and give people another reason to surf the web on its Chrome browser. The features unveiled Tuesday includes an option which allows people to speak their search requests in English … Continue reading

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