Can the IT Industry Weather Falling Stock Markets?

The IT industry has been strong globally, leading the recovery over thepast couple years in many markets.  With yesterday’s global stock markets plunge to their lowest levels since the last recession, can IT companies continue their growth or will the headway they’ve been making be lost?

In the last two days global markets have slid significantly creating worry that the world will see another recession just as the economy has been bouncing back.  The IT industry has been an industry leading the global economy out of this past recession.  Because they’ve been strong companies in the sector will likely weather this latest downturn better than banks and others, but if this slide continues then it looks like no one will be insulated against the effects of a second recession within less than 5 years.

Friday, France’s CAC-40, London’s FTSE 100, Germany’s DAX, U.S.’s NYSE, Canada’s TSE, Japan’s Nikkei and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng all dropped considerably causing others to panic and get rid of stock quick.  Of course this is creating additional doubt in the markets pushing further the downward spiral.  “It’s a general fear that is clouding the markets at the moment,” said Tom Kaan of Louis Capital Markets in Hong Kong.  Much of the fear has been driven from the U.S.’s close call on not reaching a deal not to default on their debts, and Europe’s struggling nation members of Greece, Ireland and Portugal.  To make the European situation worse, it looks like Spain and Italy may be the next EU nations to have financial troubles possibly requiring bailouts.

Ideally confidence returns to the markets so to stabilize this most recent dip and keep the markets from another large recession.  The upcoming days will point to whether things will again get worse before better, and if the IT industry will be able to withstand the recent market plunge.

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Send a fax with Gmail – Internet Fax Comparison

Looking for a Gmail service with Fax or Internet Fax?
Do you want to receive or send faxes with Gmail? Want to send faxes over the Internet or from any other inbox? There exists a range of fax solutions with Gmail, via the internet or from any one inbox. These solutions are usually very cheap compared to the traditional fax – fax machine – also known as the online fax or fax to email services.
How to use an Internet fax solution for sending and receiving faxes with Gmail?
To receive and send faxes via Gmail, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. The next step is to choose an Internet fax provider that allows you to receive and send faxes from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc….

What you gain with Internet Fax
When you start your free trial or you join an internet fax service, a number of features are included at no additional cost and are very useful to save you time, money and mobility …:
• Free fax number (can be a local number free of charge, or keep your current fax number)
• No installation costs
• Fax: send and receive faxes via a mobile or tablet …
• Fax email: fax from Gmail, fax from Hotmail, Yahoo etc ….
• Send multiple faxes with a few clicks
• Easy integration with other applications
• Security and archive faxes
• and more …

Sending and receiving faxes over the Internet is very similar to sending and receiving e-mail. These fax solutions with Gmail are recommended for all fax users, whether individuals or companies. Whether you’re at home or office, your fax will be delivered quickly and safely to your e-mail.

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BlackBerry maker Research In Motion cuts 2000 jobs

BLACKBERRY maker Research In Motion are struggling to deal with the sagging demand for its aging Smartphone line. As a result it has been reported that it will cut its global workforce by about 2000, leaving it with about 17,000 employees.

In a statement last night, RIM said the size of the workforce reduction was in line with the preliminary estimate it factored into guidance provided last month.

RIM said the job cuts were part of its cost optimisation program, which it said is focused on “eliminating redundancies and reallocating resources to focus on areas that offer the highest growth opportunities and alignment with RIM’s strategic objectives”.

The company also announced another executive departure. Chief operating officer Don Morrison, on medical leave for an undisclosed reason, will retire after more than 10 years with the company.

RIM has had a series of high-profile departures, coinciding with one of the company’s most challenging periods. It has quickly lost market share in the critical North American smartphone market to rivals Apple and devices powered by Google’s Android.

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Vodafone and Facebook to target prepay data users

On Wednesday, operator giant Vodafone introduced the world’s first ‘official’ Facebook phone targeted specifically at the prepay market. The new device is known as the 555 Blue. It will be a group wide offering, specifically aimed at the youth.

Vodafone’s group terminals director, Patrick Chomet, explained that the device which is manufactured by Alcatel and runs a proprietary OS, took an in house team a year to develop. In dedicating this level of resource to the programme, the operator clearly expects a strong return on its investment. Vodafone’s second quarter results, announced last week, a revenue growth by 24.5 % per year on year to £1.5bn, representing 13.7 per cent of group service revenue.

The Facebook phone will be used to capitalise on the opportunity in the prepay sector, by integrating the popular social networking experience with the device. Upon activation, users are presented with the option to either sign up or sign into a Facebook account.  The user’s Facebook friends list subsequently becomes integrated with the phonebook. Automatic updating is user definable allowing users to keep costs down, which for Vodafone delivers an opportunity to cash in on data usage. For Facebook it opens up the opportunity to increase its user base in rural and emerging markets where fixed line internet is nonexistent.

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The Pentagon is monitoring social networks

The United States will appeal to scientists to find ways to detect and counter the propaganda that parasite social media.
The U.S. Department of Defense research experts are trying to master a “new science of social media” to anticipate the emergence of movements of propaganda on social networks.
The program’s goal is to detect “deliberately misleading messages and misinformation” on social networks, according to the call for applications for its technology research arm, DARPA, dated July 14.
The project echoes the concerns expressed by senior U.S. military face of rapid political changes in the Middle East, where social networks have catalyzed the protest against government long-time allies of the United States.
Some senior officers have privately discussed the need to better detect the movement of revolt through social networks and to seek ways to influence the outcome in the Arab world using Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.
“More and more major events both strategic and tactical for our armed forces are held in the media sphere (social),” said Darpa in a statement, explaining that the U.S. defense “must therefore be aware of these events as they occur and be in position to defend itself in this sphere. “

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Apple offers a new MacBook Air, a mini Mac with an enhanced new generation screen

Apple, which launched its new operating system Mac OS X Lion July 20 (only available in the App Store), presents three new products: a MacBook Air, a Mac mini and a new generation screen.

The new range of MacBook Air is for sale as part of new generation processors, the technology I / O Thunderbolt (which is already present in MacBook Pro and exclusive new technologies) and a keyboard backlight.

A fully-equipped flash memory (64 or 256 Go), the MacBook Air is available in two sizes, 11 and 13 inches. The MacBook Air has a price ranging from € 949 (11 inch version and 64 Go) to € 1499 (13-inch, 256 Go).

Also new to the computer: an evolution of the Mac mini. Including a more powerful Intel processor with its new generation, it is also equipped with the technology I / O Thunderbolt. Apple promises processor and graphic capabilities to be twice, of those of the previous generation. The new Mac mini is sold at € 599 (with a processor 2.3 GHz, 500 Go, 2 Go storage and RAM) and € 799 (2.5 GHz, 500 Go, 4Go storage and RAM).

These new MacBook and Mac mini work with Mac OS X Lion. They are already for sale on the Web and available in stores from July 21.

Apple also announced the release of the Thunderbolt Apple Display, the first screen (27 inches) specially designed to accommodate an Apple laptop compatible with Thunderbolt. This screen will be available from September 20 for 999 €.

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Fax to Email with, a platform for online sales of telecom solutions explains the features of the fax to email service. It now proposes users to choose a fax resolution, customize the front page, customize the sender of the fax and set the date of dispatch. These new features are in line with the product platform Axiatel.Com which swears by: development, security and flexibility.

Axiatel’s fax to email offers real opportunities in terms of mobility and targets mainly small businesses, entrepreneurs and telecommuters. In addition to various operational features of this service, the site has added a variety of tricks that are perfect for the fax by mail service.

Fax to email. What is it?

The fax to email service allows users to send and receive faxes over the Internet quickly and easily via a private area or from a mailbox. This service offers distinct advantages such as simplicity, economy, mobility and safety.

New features set up additional features for the fax to email service.

* The choice of the fax resolution: This option lets you choose between standard resolution and fine resolution. Superior quality is guaranteed and provides an optimal view of the document.

* The personalization of the cover page: Three models are proposed and pages to choose from: classic, elegant and modern, to enhance the overall presentation of the fax.

* Customization of the sender of fax: it is now possible to customize the fax by filling in the name of the issuer, the fax number of the sender, the subject of the fax and include a logo.

* Setting the date of dispatch of the fax immediately or delayed, this option proposes to plan sending.

* Filtering junk fax: it is possible here to filter junk faxes received on the online user interface to the tab “inbox”.

Support of Sustainable Development

The fax to email service offered by Axiatel meets an environmental ethic, fundamental to the well-being of the planet. With the fax-mail, there is no requirement to recycle materials or print documents. This is because each fax page printed unnecessarily is a waste. It increases the pollution, and wastes ink and energy. supports the reforestation program of the Association Planète Urgence 1 euro = 1 tree. With each order, Axiatel donates one euro to Planète Urgence.

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