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Anonymous – Harder to Live Up to their Name

The loosely organised hacker group Anonymous was created in 2003.  Since then, they’ve committed many ‘serious’ attacks, with many of them taking place in 2010 & 2011.  The group has been known to hack into large corporations (PayPal) and governments … Continue reading

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Conservative MP’s Family Falls Victim to Online Bullying

Tory MP, Louise Mensch, has recently received threats against her children from Anonymous and LulzSec due to her stance on shutting down social media sites during specific crises.    The hacking groups are not pleased with the MP because of position … Continue reading

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New Messaging Platform for Facebook

Facebook Messenger, a new smartphone app released by Facebook, ties smartphone instant messaging and SMS.  Facebook has added to their existing superiority with an app that is separate from their ‘Facebook’ application in that the app is solely for instant … Continue reading

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Vodafone and Facebook to target prepay data users

On Wednesday, operator giant Vodafone introduced the world’s first ‘official’ Facebook phone targeted specifically at the prepay market. The new device is known as the 555 Blue. It will be a group wide offering, specifically aimed at the youth. Vodafone’s … Continue reading

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The Pentagon is monitoring social networks

The United States will appeal to scientists to find ways to detect and counter the propaganda that parasite social media. The U.S. Department of Defense research experts are trying to master a “new science of social media” to anticipate the … Continue reading

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Anonymous is launching its own social network

As a retaliation of being banned from Google+, the group of “hacktivists” have reacted by launching its own networking site anonymously. “Welcome to the Revolution – a new social network where there is no fear of censorship, blackout or no … Continue reading

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LinkedIn number two on social networks in the U.S.

The social network LinkedIn, for industrial relations, has slipped in to second place in the United States, behind Facebook but ahead of MySpace. In June, LinkedIn has had a record 33.9 million visitors. The Professional Network is certainly behind Facebook … Continue reading

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