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Are Smartphones in the Decline?

Apple Inc reported less than expected quarterly results. Many people are starting to question if Apple Inc relied to heavily on their smartphone and if the global smartphone industry is becoming more vulnerable to economic shocks than it was during … Continue reading

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Nokia & Microsoft Pair-Up

Recently, Microsoft and Nokia have met numerous times over the past months to discuss a joint venture in smart phones.  They hope that their strengths converged will produce a line of cell phones that will quickly grab market share from other industry leaders like … Continue reading

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New Messaging Platform for Facebook

Facebook Messenger, a new smartphone app released by Facebook, ties smartphone instant messaging and SMS.  Facebook has added to their existing superiority with an app that is separate from their ‘Facebook’ application in that the app is solely for instant … Continue reading

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Launch of the iPhone 5 in September

The upgraded Apple handset, Apple iPhone 5 will look like the iPhone 4 but it will feature an A5 processor and 8MP camera, according to reports. Apple is on track to release an “iPhone 5” in September, according to reports … Continue reading

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Nokia releases N9 Smartphone

Nokia has launched their new mobile phone, the N9. The phone, developed on the open-source Meego platform, boasts many firsts for Nokia, which hopes that the device will reverse its sliding fortunes. The Nokia N9 doesn’t have any menu buttons … Continue reading

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Changes to Apple Subscription Policies

Apple has eased the subscription policies for its iPad and iPhone in a move that is believed to help newspaper and magazine publishers to make more money from the sale and promotion of the current mobile devices. The move is … Continue reading

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Apple Swipes Googles Crown

Google is no longer the world’s most valuable company. The brand value of the iPhone and Apple iPad manufacturer has increased over the past year, by 84 percent to 153.3 billion dollars, according to a study by researchers at Millward … Continue reading

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